Frequently Asked Questions

How is Zoom Engage related to Zoom Analytics

Zoom Engage is a brand of Zoom Analytics. The registered company is Zoom Analytics Ltd.

Is Zoom Analytics / Zoom Engage GDPR compliant?

Yes, you can check our GDPR FAQ page

To which CRMs / Marketing Automation systems / Email Marketing systems does Zoom Engage integrate?

We integrate with all CRMs / Marketing Automation systems / Email Marketing systems

How can I track the performance of my on-site campaigns?

In our system everything is tracked automatically and can be seen in real-time in the dashboards. You may also subscribe to get periodic reports by email (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). We can also send real-time events to any system you may have, such as Google Analytics or a Google Sheet.

Do you integrate with Google Analytics?

Yes, we integrate with all Analytics systems and can send automatic events regarding all user interaction with Zoom Engage on-site campaigns (e.g. a campaign was shown, closed, clicked on, etc.)

What level of security does Zoom Analytics / Zoom Engage have?

We have enterprise-grade security and are ISO 27001:2013 certificated. Among our customers you will find banks, insurance companies, hospitals and official government units, all of which require top-of-the-line security. We undergo periodic Penetration Tests as well.

Will adding Zoom Engage code to my website slow it down?

Adding any line of code to a website adds time (even if just a few milliseconds) to the page loading speed. Zoom Engage code comes from a very fast CDN spread around the world, and loading is done asynchronously, so impact on page loading speed should be minimal.

Will using Zoom Engage affect my SEO score?

As long as you use Zoom Engage in the recommended ways (and your Customer Success Manager will help you do that), there should not be a decrease in your score. your regular day-to-day practices apply also to using Zoom Engage (i.e., do not disturn the user too much)

What does the Zoom Engage service include?

The service includes both access to all the features in the system (including unlimited number of active campaigns), a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and access to our technical team. Plans come with either up to 10 support hours a month or up to 20 support hours a month. Custom plans also exist.

How much does Zoom Engage service cost?

The typical monthly cost for 1 website is in the range of 700 euros to 2,400 Euros. The exact cost depends on the billing cycle (monthly, quarterly, yearly, or multiple years). The longer the commitment and the upfront payment period, the lower the monthly cost. Other parameters that affect the price per website are the number of websites, number of support hours included, number of users, number of monthly sessions, whether extra security features are required and the required SLA.

There is also typical one-time setup fee of 500-1000 Euros for 1 website, depending on website size and effort needed.

Is there any minimal commitment to use Zoom Engage?

No. you can go with month-by-month plan and leave at any moment with 30-days notice before the next billing cycle. The billing cycle affects the price, though. The highest price is for monthly plan and the lowest price is for a 3-year upfront payment.

Do you integrate with Google Merchant?


With which CMS (Content Management System) and Website builders does Zoom Engage work?

Zoom Engage works well with all platforms that allow adding external code snippets (tags) to the HTML – Wordpress, Hubspot, Joomla, WooCommerce, Drupal, Wix, Shopify, Magento, Blogger, Salesforce, SharePoint, and others.

How complicated it is to install Zoom Engage?

The technical part involves just adding a few lines of code to the website page and can usually be done in minutes.

Can Zoom Engage be installed using Google Tag Manager (GTM) and other tag managers?

Yes, Zoom Engage code can be easily added to any website using a tag manager.

Does Zoom Engage work well with single page application (e.g. React. Angular)?

Yes. Zoom Engage works well with single page applications. It requires running an additional command to let the engine know that a page has changed, similar to Google Analytics Virtual Page View that needs to be fired. This can be done easily using GTM history change event.

What are the stages of starting to work with Zoom Engage?

After having a demo meeting with a sales representative and understanding your needs you will get a Price Quote agreement for signing. When agreement is signed you will be introduced to your dedicated Customer Success Manager who will provide you code for installing on your website and set a kickoff meeting with you. In the kickoff meeting you shall be presented ideas for initial on-site campaigns including best-practices for your type of website and business. Then, the on-boarding stage starts in which we integrate with your different systems (CRM, Analytics, etc.) and initial campaigns are built and launched. We also define the objectives for the on-boarding phase. The on-boarding stage usually takes between a few days to a few weeks to finish, mainly depending on the customers availability and specific requirements.

Can Zoom Engage be paid and used per-project?

Zoom Engage service is a continuous service so it can not be paid only per-project or per-use. But, there is always what to do with Zoom Engage in any website so also between projects the system will not be out of use.

Is there a free trial to test Zoom Engage?

There is no free trial but you can start on a month-by-month plan without long term commitment, to test it.