Strauss Water Case Study

Client Profile

Strauss Water is a world leader in providing high-quality, counter-top water purification systems for homes and businesses.

The Situation

Strauss Water needed an agile website that allowed it to retarget visitors and reduce the cart abandonment rate.

The Solution

Zoom Engage personalization and customization platform that helps convert visitors into customers.

The Outcomes
  • Improved marketing agility
  • Reduced shopping cart abandonment
  • 20 percent of sales attributable to Zoom Engage
  • Solid customer service

Strauss Water Reduces Shopping Cart Abandonment with Zoom Engage
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Based in Israel, Strauss Water is a world leader in providing high-quality, counter-top water purification systems (water bars) for homes and businesses. The company’s mission is to reshape the way people drink water.

Strauss Water sells its water bars primarily through an e-commerce website that showcases various models, each with a range of features. While there, website visitors can learn more about Strauss Water’s products and place orders.

“To grow our online sales, we needed a strong and agile website with a lot of digital marketing capabilities,” said Tom Zinger, E-commerce and Digital Transformation Director at Strauss Water. “Unfortunately, our website limited what I could do regarding changing or adding marketing content.”

Tom noticed that people in the market for water bars might visit Strauss Water’s website 10 times or more before adding one to their shopping cart. Also, many of these shoppers never complete the purchasing process.

“The issue for us was how to turn more shoppers into customers,” said Tom. “Realizing that we didn’t have the right tools to do that, we reached out to Zoom Engage.”


Zoom Engage allows e-commerce websites to run on-site digital marketing campaigns that approach visitors at the right time, with the right offer, during their visit. Website operators like Tom decide what visitors see and when they see it. And everything happens without Tom needing to do any website development or programming.

When shoppers visit Strauss Water’s website to research a water bar or make a purchase but abandon their shopping cart or do not complete the purchase, that triggers a personalized popup campaign on desktop or a slide-in overlay campaign on mobile devices.

One of the on-site campaigns asks the visitor if they would like to speak with someone to get more information about the water bar. If the visitor responds positively to the on-site campaign’s message, they enter their name and contact information, which is sent directly to Strauss-Water’s CRM. Then, someone from a call center contacts the visitor, answers any questions the visitor may have, and makes the sale—all in one call.

“The Zoom Engage popups and other overlays are powerful,” said Tom. “We even use popups to walk our customers through solutions to the issues they may be having with their water bars. This type of self-service helps reduce calls to our customer service department.”

  • Improved Marketing Agility – It is very important for Tom to have the ability to make changes to his on-site marketing campaigns.
  • Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment – One of Tom’s primary goals was reducing shopping cart abandonment. Zoom Engage helps him accomplish that goal
  • Increased Conversion Rate through on-site Retargeting – More than 20 percent of Strauss Water’s e-commerce sales are attributable to Zoom Engage and its smart on-site personalization and customization features.
  • Solid Customer Service – “What I like about Zoom Engage is that they understand my business needs,” said Tom. “They sometimes deliver what I need before ask for it.

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