Hemofarm Case Study



Client Profile

Hemofarm is a market leader in manufacturing high quality, effective, safe, and affordable pharmaceutical products.

The Situation

Hemofarm needed an effective, yet easy-to-use tool for launching a website-based game aimed at promoting the company’s products.

The Solution

Zoom Engage allows brands to run on-site digital marketing campaigns that increase brand awareness and visitor engagement by approaching website visitors with the right message at the right time.

The Outcomes

  • 68% of website visitors who saw the game popup started the game
  • 11% of the people finished the game and posted to Instagram Stories


Hemofarm is a market leader in manufacturing high quality, effective, safe, and affordable pharmaceutical products. Based in Serbia, the company is a part of the STADA Group, one of the largest generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The company had a well-built and highly informative website. However, Milica Djordjevic, Digital Communication Specialist at Hemofarm, and her team were not satisfied with the level of visitor engagement and the high bounce rate.

Milica needed a way to further increase brand awareness while improving visitor engagement and decreasing the bounce rate. Fortunately, Hemofarm had previous experience with successfully using Zoom Engage. With knowledge gained from a campaign run during the previous year, Milica and her team were optimistic of getting even better results with the updated campaign.


One of the ways Hemofarm leveraged Zoom Engage was the creation of a promotional game on the company’s website. The purposes of the game included the promotion of products, increasing the number of website visitors, improving visitor engagement, and gaining more followers on Instagram.

The game was played by visitors to the Hemoform website. The objective of the game was for the visitor to spend no more than one minute collecting three Hemofarm products which were located on various pages within the website.

When someone first visits the website, an interest banner that explains what they need to do to participate in the game is triggered. The visitor then has a choice to play the game or to continue browsing the website.

If the visitor chose to play the game, a popup directed them to find a product on the next page. Once they’ve found the product, a popup directed them to another page to find the second product, then another page to find the third product. If the visitor found all the products, or if the time expires, a popup is triggered that shows the results of the game.

To complete participation in the game, visitors must then take a screenshot of game results and post it as an Instagram story and tag Hemofarm. The visitor with the most beautiful story received a package of vitamins.

“We were pleased with how the game worked on our website in conjunction with Zoom Engage,” said Milica. “The outcomes exceeded our expectations.”


Entry popup suggesting to start the game.


Example of a product the player had to collect from the website pages. The arrow points to the product floating overlay that was added to the page, which the player had to quickly identify and collect.

  • Impressive Game Participation – The game took place over 17 days during which there were 17 winners based on the average of three Instagram Stories per day. This year, more than 68% of website visitors who saw the game popup started a game.
  • Remarkable Game Results –More than 11% of visitors finished the game . We are super happy with the results of the game. The metrics showed that an extraordinary number of people saw the interest banner and chose to play the game to the end,” said Milica.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – “The Zoom Engage team is great,” said Milica. “They are there to teach me and help me get the most out of their service. Whenever I have a question about something I don’t understand, they are quick to explain everything to me. That’s awesome customer service.”
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