Keep Your Users on Their Toes With Customizable Scratch Card Popups

What's a step up from traditional user engagement? Ethically borrowing from the gambling industry to activate the brain’s reward system. This is what digital scratch cards can do for your marketing plan, just by borrowing from the gambling industry and putting the knowledge to a good cause. If you want to promote newsletters, product launches, courses, or dairy-free food sections, online scratchies are a safe bet.

Scratch cards won’t get your users high on dopamine as an actual gambling game would. What they will do, on the other hand, is snatch your audience’s attention and keep it. Just long enough for you to make a sale or drive engagement.

In this article, we will list the ways in which online scratch cards can help your business engage audiences. Follow our lead, and you shall win their trust, their favor, and their loyalty by playing the long game. 

If you want to skyrocket your user engagement metrics in a way that’s fun, intriguing, and makes you stand out from the crowd, check out the text below. Scratch cards are the go-to solution. 

Scratch to Build Up Your Email List

Giving away a private email to a company or business is an important step in building a lasting professional relationship. By trusting you with their private data, website visitors allow you to notify them if any new developments such as holiday discounts, product launches, and other valuable insights come up. 

For instance, if a person is subscribed to a fishing equipment email list, they might receive invaluable advice on improving their fishing skills and their overall fishing experience. Emails, as well as blog posts, could be about anything from affordable mosquito repellents, to how to choose the appropriate ways of baiting. Either way, prolonged communication brings twofold benefits. It helps your business build authority as a knowledgeable source, AND it helps subscribers become better fishermen!

Readers get all this value and all of these benefits without giving a penny in return. Providing free advice at a regular pace makes audiences feel valued. It builds up a friendly, dependable relationship with your brand. And scratch cards can help you make the first step towards building it!

This lasting relationship will, given time, convert your subscribers to customers. You can even hope for repeat customers, who will catapult your revenue.

Check out the scratch card below, offering a subscription to a fictional brand of Luxury Suits. 


Image 1: Popup saying "Hey, Goodlookin'! Scratch the card below to subscribe to Luxury Suits!" offering a 10% discount.

The popup above contains a scratch card, some friendly copy that's supposed to make users feel confident, and a subscription form. The subscription form requires a user to enter their name and email and adds them to an email list via a clickable subscribe button.

All of these features, including the popup design itself, have been created on the Zoom Engage (ZE) platform. ZE allows users to create drop-dead gorgeous popups with scratch cards and other tools. The best part? No coding skills needed! Complete with a guide on how to make scratch cards and your own natural intuition, you could be creating these quirky, efficient popups in no time.

Scratch for New Features and Product Launches

Whenever a website adds a new feature, product, or product category, it's a big deal for the company. Keep in mind that months, even years of hard work are sometimes put into making the whole thing come together. All this work takes place behind the scenes, invisible to the end user.

Still, this does not mean that you cannot hype the audience up for upcoming events!

Whenever you add a new element to your website that makes you proud... hit them up. Make your website visitors feel as excited as you are about your new vegetarian menu, shiny line of windshield-viper blades, or cutting-edge blind spot mirrors. After all, informing your audience of innovations pre-launch increases the likelihood of conversions in the future. 

Online scratch cards can help you increase the anticipation of new products. One that can only be relieved by adding them to cart! Use popups with the scratch card feature to promise a gift or a surprise behind the veil of secrets. Make audiences pause, and read the entirety of your ad, before scratching away at it, bit by bit. Information that has been imparted via scratchies is easier to understand and more likely to be etched into your audiences’ memory.

Customizable Scratch Cards and the Importance of On-Brand Marketing 

As we mentioned before, ZE offers a plethora of templates and intuitive drag-and-drop design options, including customizable colors and a rich gallery of images. The many accommodation options allow businesses to adjust their popup design to fit their brand voice. The fonts, text sizes, background colors, and frames all contribute to building an overlay that will blend seamlessly into your website.

Don't get us wrong, it's important to make sure your commercial is eye-catching, as you only have 2.6 seconds to draw your user’s attention to the most influential area of your website. But you still need to make sure the popup does not stand out too much, as it would not be easy on the eyes.

ZE has made sure that you can build up popup campaigns easily and with no coding knowledge. In the unlikely case that you should need someone to offer you advice or a helping hand, simply contact Zoom Engage's dedicated Customer Success Manager. Good luck!