Freshen Up Your Sales Plan With a Scratch Card Campaign

Online ads are evolving, along with the art of ignoring them.

Sure, you can make your popup design eye-catching and your copy emotionally manipulative. But people today have purposefully trained their hand-eye coordination to avoid you. Many users put all of their mental and emotional strength into one thing: finding that X button.

But, what if you could make your offers more visible by hiding them?

The online scratch card makes users pause to read your promise of a gift. They scratch a designated area, thus interacting with your ad directly. Just picture it. Having your website visitors put in the work to convert themselves into customers!

Take our advice and make prospects scratch for sales and discounts because it’s what they want.

In the text below, we are going to show you how. Check it out!

Build Momentum for Special Events

Be it New Year, Black Friday, or a more sentimental celebration such as Valentine’s day, online scratch cards can alchemize the users’ shopping experience. Special events allow people to give their loved ones a token of appreciation. Your company might also want to show devotion to loyal customers. A scratch gift card would be a pleasant and endearing way of doing just that.

A Father’s day scratch card, just like a scratch Valentine’s card can leverage the momentum such an event provides to increase sales. Check out the example below.

Popup shows a 30% discount for a skin care set. The text above says "Happy Mother's day."Image 1: Popup saying "Happy Mother’s Day!" offering a 30% discount on a skin care set.

The card above was created, in its entirety, in a Zoom Engage (ZE) platform. The platform is meant to allow users with no coding knowledge to create gorgeous popups, scratch off cards for business ventures, and similar. Complete with a guide on how to make scratch off cards, you can be able to create these whimsical and effective marketing tools in no time.

Scratch Cards Boosting Upsells and Cross-Sells

Perhaps a customer just purchased an all-natural aloe vera shampoo. A popup appears in the middle of their screen, darkening the foreground to really make it pop. 

A line of calming, easy-to-read letters thanks the customer for their purchase. In the next line, a promise of a gift for anyone who scratches the card below. The scratchy bit is hiding a binding promise: a more luxurious variant of the same shampoo with a discount, a bonus conditioner, or a matching aloe vera hairspray.

These are some of the ways scratch cards can contribute to a higher website marketing ROI using upsells and cross-sells.

Scratch Card Upsells

An incentive for certain customers to purchase a higher-end product than the one they initially chose. The idea is that, for only a little bit of money, one can extract a significantly higher value from a purchase. If you want your upsell to catch on, you need to help users visualize the comparable product’s superior advantages. See it in their minds clearly enough to make a purchase. Upsell scratch offs only appear to people who already wanted to make a purchase, so the targeting is on point.

Scratch Card Cross-Sells

Similarly, cross-selling offers customers additional value for more money. In this case, however, you can offer different, complementary items. The good old ”Do you want fries with that?” is a well-known example. Some other examples include: “Other customers also got a case with this mobile, would you want one?” or “How about insurance for this laptop?”  A scratch gift card offering discounted or free item with a purchase does wonders for the lead conversion rate on your website.

Why Scratch Cards Increase Sales

T the same-old marketing practice into entertainment, a fruit of a slightly frustrating but still fun labor.  This is why scratch cards make for a surprisingly effective way to upsell and cross-sell products, increasing your customers’ life cycle. The idea behind upsells and cross-sells is to maximize the revenue per customer and increase the customer's lifetime value. A recent McKinsey report revealed that cross-selling can boost sales by 20%, as well as boost profits by 30%. While the practice of offering people to spend MORE money could be considered way too aggressive and pushy, a scratch card elevates the process. 

Scratch Card Popups vs. Cart Abandonment

Some of the best online scratch cards can use their marketing faculties to snatch a lead even as they are about to bounce out of the picture. With your scratch off cart pops up the moment a lead is about to leave your website, you pump up your chances of reducing the cart abandonment rates. ZE also allows you to offer discounts and create urgency with a countdown timer on your scratch card.

Custom Scratch Off Cards 

Zoom Engage provides a user-friendly platform, where pretty much any client can start creating their own scratch-it overlay using a variety of ZE templates. Most commands you need to use are simple drag-and-drop features and, as mentioned before, no coding knowledge is needed. Visit the ZE dashboard, and create a new popup, add text with the text size, letter height and spacing, font, and style of your choosing. Draw up an offer, and cover it with a unique scratch card, available in the vast image gallery. You can add, remove, edit, and resize any element, including color, images, special effects such as fireworks and confetti, and many, many more.

If you want any advice, suggestions, or just a friendly tap on the back, reminding you that you are doing a good job, you can contact Zoom Engage's dedicated Customer Success Manager.